Meet the Maker

Creating timeless pieces of jewellery from ethical and sustainable sources

Hi there! I'm Talja, the maker and owner at Silver Dandelion Jewellery.

I know this may sound cliche but I have always loved handmade jewellery. A love I shared with late grandmother, she would often joke that the only items of value she had was her gorgeous collection of silver rings, bangles and earrings. The fondest memory I have of her is hearing her bangles jingle as she pottered around the house. Now I potter and jangle around my house.

I have always been creative but as is often the case, life got in the way and I didn't actually pursue my love of creating and my love of jewellery until November 2020! As I am sure most of you felt, I just needed to DO something to get my mind of lockdown and home schooling, so I signed up to a bangle making class. It was literally love at first sight! Walking into the workshop I knew I had found my FLOW! A week after my class I had cleared a space in my garage and set up my very own studio and started to make a few simple items of jewellery, a ring here and there.

I wanted to focus on creating pieces that would be as unique and authentic as my grandmothers jewellery. Hand made with love. However, I am also really conscious of some of the negative impacts that commercial mining can have on both the environment and the communities that live near them. I grew up in Zambia, a beautiful country that has been ravaged by the irresponsible mining of copper and emeralds but I am also acutely aware of the communities that cannot survive without an income! I made a pledge to ensure that all the jewellery I make does as little harm as possible to environment and also supports the small scale artisan miners around the world. That's my mission to create beautiful handmade timeless pieces of jewellery that is as ethical and sustainable as possible!

I hope you fall in love with my jewellery as much as I have loved creating them! Most of my pieces are made to order, so although they may take a little longer to reach you, you can wear them knowing that they were created JUST FOR YOU and with a ton of love and positive energy!

Happy Shopping!